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Sian Hospital

About Sian Hospital

  • Zhejiang Sian International Hospital is a large general medical institution, approved by China's Ministry of Health, Ministry of Commerce and State Administration of Industry and Commerce, and invested by Singapore IMDC Healthcare Group and Shanghai Sino-balan Investment (Group) Co., Ltd. It¡¯s officially opened to the public on April, 21st, 2009. Sian is the member of the designated hospitals of Jiaxing Medical Care System and New Rural Co-operative Medical System, the retired officials, and the 120-Emergency Network. It has become an important part of Jiaxing' s medical care and health system.
  • Sian International Hospital covers an area of 200 acres , with 230,000 ©Oof Programmed Building area ,which is capable of holding 1,500 inpatients. More than 600 million Yuan has been invested in the first-stage project, including the Clinical Building, the Medical Labs, the Inpatient Building, the Administration Building, the Popular...[Detail]
  • Address£ºNo.2369 West HongXing Road, JiaXing City
  • 24 hours appointment hotline£º18067035811
  • Health screening appointment hotline£º0573-82299999
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